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A broken bridge is an act of imagination that moves the thought in many directions. A Japanese rule says: perfection is beautiful but stupid, you must know it, use it, but break it.
Bruno Munari

We design images and experiences.

We deal in graphic design and illustration: we recently designed the marks of new italian startup Buru Buru, of the ultra-local collaborative online newspapers Bora.La, Carnia.La and of the exhibition Italian Logos at Sant’Angelo Castle in Rome; we drawn the collectible dishes of Cirio Alta Cucina and the interface for the website of the art activities of Eni – Enizyme.
Over the past ten years we have worked for large companies and small startups, for communication agencies and craft shops, for non-profit organizations and cultural institutions. We plan and design marks, identity systems, and illustrations; publishing projects as books, magazines and catalogs, Internet projects as websites and systems of icons, posters, signage and environmental graphics

We are curators of projects and events of visual and performative art: our latest creation is the Festival Drawing(a)live, held in Mexico City in various locations including the MAM, Museum of Modern Art. We were curators of the project Words of the London collective Greyworld for the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome and we exhibited the work of our artistic alter ego Fupete in sites such as MIS, Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo, Brazil and GAMC, civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, in Viareggio, Italy.
These years we have cooperated with important international contexts and small independent spaces, museums and institutions, but also with galleries, non-profit organizations and artists, conceiving and curating exhibitions, events of live digital drawing, performance, artist workshops and publications; Festival, competitions and installations in the countryside.

We are a family.

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Visual communication and art freelancers, with a passion for cooking, travel and good friends. We are from the countryside, we enjoy making things well and offering quality services. Since 2003, we work on projects in all fields of creativity. The first years back in Rome, at Pigneto suburb, with Fupete Studio. Then since 2006 our home-studio is in Crespina, heart of Tuscan hills, 30-minute drive from Pisa and Livorno, 1 hour from Firenze, Italy.

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Artistic alter ego:
Teller & K (tellerk) (formerly known as Fupete)